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New Bedford Standard Times suppressing Barney Frank role

Today, the S-T allowed the first and only information on the issue to be presented. They waited for Barney Frank to inform the locals about the bailout as he sees it. No objective reporting on facts that cannot be refuted is to be found. Instead one can pretty much envision the growing nose on Congressman Frank as he belittles the…

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Fear barometer; Obama to appear on MSNBC w/ Keith Olbermann same time as O’Reilly interview.

I guess Obama must know he flopped badly in the second segment on “The O’Reilly Factor”, with Bill O’Reilly as the Democratic nominee has requested to be on his minion riddled MSNBC’s  “Countdown with Keith Olbermann”, at the same scheduled time as the Fox News interview. The etiquette in journalism is to not do that exact thing, proving once again…

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The inevitable story of Obama’s trip to Iraq

Just a matter of time before you see the mainstream media claim that thanks to Obama’s epochal visit to Iraq as part of his “world tour,” Iraqis are finally … reconciling. Apparently nothing else before Obama’s journey was enough to do the trick — not the surge, not the Sunni chiefs rejecting al Qaeda, not the looming shadow of Iran.…

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