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Back To The Future Through Decentralization

Andrew Breitbart‘s insight that “politics is downstream from culture” is usually treated by right-of-center activists as a form of cocktail banter rather than as a key strategy in effectuating societal change. Breitbart’s observation came to my mind after I had read contributing New Republic editor Tim Wu‘s article “Netflix’s War On Mass Culture” published in December, 2013. The…

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False Media Narratives

There’s some truth in the Atlantic article written by Dave Rohde when he declares that the “broken” media has helped to “break” the government thanks to a business model that “rewards extremism and poorly informs the public”. The triumph of opinion-driven cable TV and the collapse of newspapers has created an American news media that does an increasingly poor job…

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Mass Media’s Creative Destruction

( – promoted by garrett3000) Economist Joseph Schumpeter coined the term “creative destruction” as a way of describing the ability of capitalism to reinvent itself. His insight was a critique of classical Marxism which held that capitalism was inevitably doomed, in part, because of the irreversible march of history. The Marxist sense of  predestination can find its corollary in the…

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How Radio Wrecks the Right

Limbaugh and company certainly entertain. But a steady diet of ideological comfort food is no substitute for hearty intellectual fare. By John Derbyshire

The American Conservative – February 23, 2009 Issue You can’t help but admire Rush Limbaugh’s talent for publicity. His radio talk show is probably-reliable figures only go back to 1991-in its third decade as the number-one rated…

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