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Part V: Inalienable Rights – Liberty!

Liberty is not a right reserved only for Kings.  It is not a right bestowed upon the privileged or by only those who can afford it.  Liberty is an inherent, sacred right of all men granted by the creator himself.  Second only to the right to life… it is liberty… that protects the latter. Liberty makes a man uncontrollable.  It…

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Part IV – Inalienable Rights – Life !

There once lived a judge who had to make a determination between 2 people, of whose life was more valuable and more promising than the other for the future of mankind. The first person was a young, very healthy man. This man had scored well throughout his school years.  He was recently married and just found out he is going…

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MassGOP and Social Issues

( – promoted by Cool Cal) I still haven’t gotten the hang of posting to Yahoo group threads, so I thought I’d pull a recent topic over here. There’s been discussion about Jennifer Nassour’s interview in Bay Windows and what that means about the MassGOP’s support for social issues. I won’t name names unless the participating parties want to raise…

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