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Coakley Takes One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

In what must be the newspaper equivalent of the full Ginsberg the Boston Herald has three stories about our Attorney General today. Starting with the good, AG Coakley takes National Grid to task for fleecing its customers: “During the course of (reviewing National Grid’s rate-hike request), we found at least $300,000 worth of expenses that are outrageous and clearly provide…

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Congrats BMG

BMG won the The Boston Phoenix Best Local Blog category in the Best ’08 contest.  Not a big surprise. I find their description of BMG to be spot on. Here it is…. So you put down your Sunday New York Times and head out to Whole Foods to buy some organic vegetables and wine for your book club tonight (In…

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Boston Phoenix: Whither the GOP?

(Just a subject I thought was worthy of discussion. – promoted by Cool Cal)
Ask people to name the leading voice of opposition on Beacon Hill these days, and you’re likely to be told House Speaker Sal DiMasi – or Governor Deval Patrick, depending on which of the two is considered the current locus of political power. That’s not the…

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