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Confused About The Financial Crisis Bailout Plan?

With fingers pointing in every direction, blame being denied by all involved, and all solutions looking like the burden will be on the American taxpayer, I tried to find some clarity in this financial mess. The clearest picture of the plans being considered in Washington are depicted in this video:…

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India Seeks US Help as Monkeys Occupy Government Buildings

NEW DELHI, India.  In this, the capital city of India, there seems to be a government office on every corner.  “We inherited our love of bureaucracy from the British,” says Atal Bihari, an Undersecretary to the Assistant Commissioner of Common Victualler Registration.  “Without government, many people would have to find productive work in the private sector, which is very unpleasant.”…

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Northeast Takes Steps to Reverse Beauty Queen Drought

WORCESTER, Mass.  Karen Spilika has dreamed of being a beauty queen since she was a little girl, dressing up in swimsuits and high heels and parading before her bedroom mirror singing “There She Is–Miss America”, the theme song of the most widely-known pageant.  “Other girls may want to cure terrible diseases or help students overcome learning disabilities,” she says.  “I’d…

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