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BlueMassGroup living in fear

of Mike Huckabee.  Wow, what a bunch of looneys over at BMG these days.  They talk as though the days of Armageddon are upon us.  Here are a few of their latest headlines detailing the surge by the Arkansas Governor…. We’re doomed.

Meet Mike Huckabee: The Pro-Rapist Governor

Mike Huckabee, serial murderer releaser

Another reason to find Huckabee scary –…

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Blue Mass Group propaganda

I thought I would visit BMG tonight seeing as David thought enough of RMG to throw a sucker punch.  David Kravitz of BMG posted a story mocking RMG for not writing enough about casinos and Deval Patrick’s latest attempt at a Hail Mary pass to resurrect the Massachusetts economy. So I visit BMG and find this post about how Niki…

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Niki Tsongas’ Blog

In doing a bit of homework today I had a chance to visit both Jim Ogonowski’s and Niki Tsongas’ websites.  In visiting the official websites of those two candidates for office I noticed something funny.  In Jim Ogonowski’s site he has a link to a blog.  When you click on it you are redirected to an independent website called blogonowski. …

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Banned Again from BlueMassGroup – They are cowards.

For two days I tried to hold reasonable conversations on BMG under the name Voteatercerus (vote third party) and simply because they knew who I was they banned me.  I have never seen such cowardly, ignorant, spineless, sissy crap in all my life. I purposely avoided any questionable language.  I made no improper accusations.  In fact, I specifically used a…

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