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R.I.P. John O’Mara, Tea Party Patriot (update)

Movement conservatives in Massachusetts and elsewhere are mourning the death of John O’Mara who led the Northborough Tea Party. He died one month shy of his 80th birthday according to reports.  A regular Friday Morning Meeting attendee, John, a conviction conservative, will certainly be missed. Details will be forthcoming but email communication among John’s friends and fellow activists suggests John’s…

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MA GOP Charlie Baker: To Obama’s Left?

In a 2010 interview with Boston Globe guest columnist Yvonne Abraham, Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker claimed to be “to the left of Barack Obama” on social issues. Well. Some aggressive progressives are deeply disappointed with their President, claiming that he has played centrist on so many issues. Such is the fate of every ideologue once he takes a leadership…

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To Chris McDaniel: Let It Go

For election year 2014, Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel threw all into unseating a decades-old Establishment GOP incumbent in Mississippi. McDaniel was a favored candidate not just of his candor, but for his respect for opponent Thad Cochran. McDaniel outlined his plan not to get along to go along in Washington. Frustrated with the tepid decisions of the incumbent to…

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