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Match Michael Moore!

We're running a short online fundraiser for Sean Bielat and wanted to share it with Red Mass Group readers. One of the struggles we have on the right is that it seems like we have to face off against not just the Democrats, but also a significant part of the mainstream media and popular culture. According to FEC reports, the…

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Tax hikes on us, Tax breaks for Hollywood Millionaires.

Accrding to the Boston Herald Gov. Deval Patrick is continuing his Hollywood tax credit program.
Deval Patrick acts on stars’ behalf

Gov reinstates 25% credit for actors’ salaries

By Edward Mason

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 – Updated 5h ago Gov. Deval Patrick greenlighted the renewal of a controversial multimillion-dollar taxpayer-funded giveaway to Hollywood stars yesterday, even as he signed a…

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Oscar Observations

(Sorry for the delay.   – promoted by garrett3000) While watching the Oscars I frequently checked my twitter feed and Facebook status to see what the rest of the world was saying about the Academy Awards. Twitter proved to be much more entertaining than Facebook status updates. Just take a look at some of these thoughtful tweets I pulled off…

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