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Not Legit

When Dean ran for Senate he lied and said he was endorsed by Bill Clinton. Can we trust him to even run for Chair. Hey Dean dont be the Tim Cahill and spoil the race as an idiot. Get out of the way Asked to name a Democratic supporter, Republican state senate candidate mentions former president Bill Clinton   BOSTON…

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State Senate challenger Dean Cavaretta fires back at the MA Dems RE: Taxes and Bill Clinton

State Senate challenger Dean Cavaretta shot back at the Massachusetts Democratic Party on Wednesday afternoon after the Middlesex & Worcester District hopeful wrapped up a live chat with Patch.com readers. READ chat transcript HERE: http://acton.patch.com/article… During the chat, a reader named “Alan” wrote: “So far, you’ve only listed endorsements from Republicans. Is this account (Dems4Dean) just you retweeting yourself, because…

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Bill Clinton Fundraiser For Coakley Jan. 15?

Sources are informing Red Mass Group that Martha Coakley is bringing in former president Bill Clinton to host a fundraiser for her on January 15- just four days away from the special election.


CLINTON. The invitation is after the jump.   var scribd_doc = scribd.Document.getDoc(24967617, 'key-51qel00khaz0bk8m9xh'); scribd_doc.addParam('height', 450);scribd_doc.addParam('width', 650); scribd_doc.write('mediaPlayer');…

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No ballot box tricks

I was a GOP Precinct head in Florida during the Bush/Gore presidential race. The race that had the problems with the not counted votes and the “Chad’s” . The only thing that was wrong with that election was the democrats like Bill Daley from Chicago and Terry McCaulf , Bill Clinton. Rohm Emanuel. Well this bunch knew that Gores chances…

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