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How’s this for financial news? Barney Frank to join CNBC

(Barney Frank Maria Bartiromo’s replacement – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) NBC is tanking in the ratings so they hope to pull a rabbit out of a hat. A bold move was required. Instead they went small by inviting a well known figure. They pulled Bawney hoping to charge up the station.After all he's so smart say the Boston crowd…

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Brad Jones says Patrick’s talk on the Economy is “just words”

In a reaction to the fact that Massachusetts has fallen from 6th place to 28th in the annual CNBC survey of Business Competitiveness, Brad Jones recalled Deval Patrick’s famous speech “just words”, to describe Patrick’s approach to the economy. “In light of Massachusetts’ rank as 28th in a CNBC survey of “Top States for Business”, the Governor’s mantra of “faster,…

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Obama Declares War On Capitalism

 Larry Kudlow of CNBC lays it all out without the sugarcoating: (Emphasis mine)   Let me be very clear on the economics of President Obama’s State of the Union speech and his budget.   He is declaring war on investors, entrepreneurs, small businesses, large corporations, and private-equity and venture-capital funds. That is the meaning of his anti-growth tax-hike proposals,…

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New Tea Party

(Here-Here!   – promoted by Cool Cal) This morning CNBC’s Rick Santelli went off about the Obama mortgage bailout plan with the support of the members of CME. It’s on the front page of Drudge, but here’s a link to the video:

http://www.cnbc.com/id/1584023… He brings up great points about responsible citizens getting hosed because the government has decided to bailout…

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