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Creepy Choir Obamatots taught to sing sweet devotions for The Chosen One. Not so different, really, from… …singing the praises of Dear Leader.…

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Wall-E (The Movie)

The dreaded day is here … my wife insists that we go to see this lame-o hollywierd offering. Has anyone out there endured this animated delight yet?

Rumour is that it is just another Algore friendly ecological-propoganda brainwashing aimed at the pre teen crowd (to help with that early year indoctrination)… but on the duller and slower side than most…

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Recession Obsession

( – promoted by Cool Cal) All day Wednesday, the Fox News Channel was repeating some poll in which around 45% of Americans believed we are in a recession.  It’s not like the signs aren’t all around us. While Neil Cavuto reminded fact-challenged, Clinton operative Lanny Davis that 95% of homeowners are indeed paying their mortgages on time, Davis continued…

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Vennochi: OogityBoogity Karl Rove Karl Rove Karl Rove, Isn’t sound strategy

It looks like Joan Vennochi agrees with the notion that Niki Tsongas has reduced herself to boogey man tactics.  In today’s Boston Globe Venocchi echoes my points from yesterday. FORGET about Karl Rove. Democrat Niki Tsongas isn’t running against the former White House aide. But you wouldn’t know that from her campaign for Congress. First, she labeled the Oct. 16…

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Tsongas’ New Campaign Strategy Revealed: Oogity Boogity Karl Rove Karl Rove Karl Rove Karl Rove

Her campaign failing to catch fire with the everyday voters of the Fifth Congressional District, Niki Tsongas has resorted to boogey man tactics.  She can’t win on her own so she needs to try and scare voters into supporting her.  The new strategy can be summed up in one quick statement: Oogity Boogity Karl Rove Karl Rove Karl Rove Karl…

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Blue Mass Group propaganda

I thought I would visit BMG tonight seeing as David thought enough of RMG to throw a sucker punch.  David Kravitz of BMG posted a story mocking RMG for not writing enough about casinos and Deval Patrick’s latest attempt at a Hail Mary pass to resurrect the Massachusetts economy. So I visit BMG and find this post about how Niki…

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