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Mary Z. Connaughton “Leaning Towards” Run for Auditor

It looks like someone is taking my advise and is considering a run for Auditor. The Metrowest Daily News reports that Turnpike Authority board member Mary Z. Connnaughton is “leaning towards” a race for Auditor vs. incumbent Joe Denucci. Mary Connaughton, a Framingham Republican appointee to the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority board who has been an outspoken on toll issues, said…

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GOP calls on Transportation Secretary Aloisi to resign

( – promoted by DD4RP) The Governor has canceled all forthcoming public hearings on a proposed MBTA fare hike. Ostensibly the Governor would like to review the findings of a commission headed by former Hancock CEO David “I love the Big Dig waste and corruption” D’Alessandro. Meanwhile the state GOP is calling upon Transportation Secretary James “Big Dig Culturcrat” Aloisi…

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