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Phonebanking This Saturday

($20 for NY-20! Just a friendly reminder.   Phone Banking from 12-5pm – promoted by garrett3000) This Saturday there will be a phonebank at the MassGOP headquarters on 85 Merrimac St. for congressional candidate Jim Tedisco. Jim Tedisco is a Republican running in a special election in New York’s 20th congressional district. He is in a close race and…

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If only Republicans controlled the Legislature

…everything would be perfect.  Just like it was in New York when the Republicans controlled things. I know it is silly to make the comparison.  But given the silly posts I see here…about “Democratic Corruption” or “Liberals wants socialism” and other simplistic posting based on weak strawman arguements, I figure this posting is a counter weight to all those postings.…

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NY20: Red Mass Group Video Log

Here’s the video package from today’s trip out to the 20th Congressional District of New York.  Thanks to Rob Willington from Rebuild the Party for keeping me company on the trip.  Thank you to our donors who made this video possible.  I look forward to making more videos like this for you.  Please feel free to embed this video on…

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