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MassGOP and Social Issues

( – promoted by Cool Cal) I still haven’t gotten the hang of posting to Yahoo group threads, so I thought I’d pull a recent topic over here. There’s been discussion about Jennifer Nassour’s interview in Bay Windows and what that means about the MassGOP’s support for social issues. I won’t name names unless the participating parties want to raise…

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I’m conservative, because I’m a bleeding heart liberal.

I’m pretty big on social justice issues, yet years ago as a self described liberal trying to explain to my peers that maybe their ideas could be more harmful then good their only response was that I was really a religious conservative. Eventually I took their advice and became one. Two of my thoughts… on casinos and the break down…

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Parent Tax Relief Act – My uterus isn’t a breeding vessel for the Commonwealth

Parent Tax Relief Act http://brownback.sen… “The Parents’ Tax Relief Act takes a modest step towards empowering and strengthening the family. It would build on Marriage Penalty Tax Relief and the Child Tax Credit, making both permanent; and it would increase deductions for young and elderly dependants. It would also make it easier for a parent to spend more time with…

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