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To Chris McDaniel: Let It Go

For election year 2014, Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel threw all into unseating a decades-old Establishment GOP incumbent in Mississippi. McDaniel was a favored candidate not just of his candor, but for his respect for opponent Thad Cochran. McDaniel outlined his plan not to get along to go along in Washington. Frustrated with the tepid decisions of the incumbent to…

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Senator Reid’s New ObamaCare Low: “They’re Lying!”

The Democrats in Washington are running away as fast as they can from ObamaCare. Mainstream national news affiliates still register majority discontent with President Obama’s signature legislation. Healthcare.gov has been shut down and restarted many times since its botched rollout in October, 2013. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sibelius then lied to Congress, claiming that seven million enrollees was…

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Go Away, Mr. Gomez

The last thing the Massachusetts GOP needs is a Republican US Senate candidate who not only loses, but gives people more reasons for people to think that the Republican Party has lost its fire power, its bearings, and its aims. I am writing candidly about Mr. Gabriel Gomez and his recently published Boston Globe Op-Ed. He admits that he was…

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Dan Winslow for US Senate

When we head to the polls this coming Tuesday, April 30th, to choose our nominee in the upcoming special election to replace Sen. Kerry, I’ll be voting for state representative Dan Winslow. For me, America’s economic health over the short- and long-term should be our top priority, and I believe that Rep. Winslow’s staunch fiscal conservatism, especially his numerous suggestions…

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Ambiguity over important aspect of Senate candidate Michael Sullivan’s Foreign Policy

In his original statement on North Korea, released March 30th Sullivan wrote: “Our first concern must always be our National Security and our national interests, the security of our allies, and the safety of our men and women in uniform.  The current force level agreement provides for the presence of just over 28,000 American service personnel in South Korea.  Our…

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For Immediate Release:

April 10, 2013


Alicia Preston | ap@theprestongroup.org | 603-892-3215

Or Kaitlyn Smith | ksmith@mikesullivanforsenate.com SULLIVAN RELEASES STATEMENT ON OBAMA BUDGET (Abington, MA)- While two months late, President Obama has finally released his budget proposal. Included is: $3.8 trillion in spending; $600 billion in tax hikes ($100 billion in hikes to middle-income earners); $130 billion  in cuts…

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