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Caroline W. Kennedy

(I don’t make a habit of promoting liberals here, but I thought people may want to discuss this topic. – promoted by DD4RP) Is Caroline Kennedy the Democratic George W. Bush? Both are children of presidents.

Both went off to college at their famous father’s alma mater.

Both held a series of jobs in which their prime qualification was their…

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Bloomberg In ’08?

The New York Times today (1-1-08) reported that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is making some exploratory moves to position himself as an Independent candidate for the 2008 Presidential Election. His peeps are doing the necessary pre-election spade work. Details can be found here: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01… If Bloomberg decides to run as an Independent candidate, will he have any impact…

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Arm The Campuses

Arm The Campuses FULL DISCLOSURE: This is being posted simultaneously on chimpschumpspolitics, RedMass, BlueMass and published in selected North Left Coast Newspapers. I have avoided writing this until I could get a reasonable, if not perfect, grip on both my sanity and my temper. I have still not succeeded at that last. I am still seething with so much anger…

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