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Promoting Prudent Fiscal Stewardship

Rob Eno from RedMassGroup recently wrote about RMG’s new project that will score, going back ten years, every spending and debt vote taken by Republican Legislators.  Scored will be Budget Bills, Supplemental Budget Bills, and bond bills.  Votes scored will only be on the final bills, not amendments.  Eno’s concern is that many conservative organizations focus only on opposing tax…

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Wyatt Endorses Baker

Brad Wyatt endorsed Charlie Baker today.   Wyatt – the leader of Massachusetts Liberty Movement and a candidate for State Representative – has endorsed Charlie Baker for Governor. Focusing on how Baker stood up for Evan Kenney during the 2012 caucuses. Wyatt is now urging delegates to vote for Baker at the convention. Today, I want to go on record…

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Wyatt welcomes Naughton to the Race for the 12th Worcester

Republican member of the Boylston School Committee, Brad Wyatt, welcomed State Representative Hank Naughton back to the 12th District campaign yesterday.  Naughton has been travelling the state, first exploring a run for Lieutenant Governor, and then as a candidate for Attorney General.  Wyatt during that time has been campaigning for the seat Naughton currently holds.

Brad Wyatt with Sheriff Lew…

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Naughton Drops out of AG race, now faces challenge from Brad Wyatt

As Democratic caucuses started this weekend, Harold “Hank” Naughton (D-Clinton) announced that he is ending his campaign for Attorney General of the Commonwealth, and running again for the 12th Worcester District.  This is the third race this cycle that Naughton has decided to run for.  He started out the cycle telling people he was running for Lieutenant Governor, then settled…

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Brad Wyatt Announces for State Representative

Liberty Activist, Republican Activist, and Boylston School Committeeman Brad Wyatt(R-Boylston) made it official this week announcing for State Representative via the video below. Wyatt is running for the 12th Worcester District currently held by Hank Naughton (D-Clinton) who is running for Attorney General.  The towns in the district include Boylston, Clinton, Sterling, Northboro, Lancaster and Berlin.  The district is the…

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