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VIDEO PROOF: Fisher should be on the ballot, Baker should condemn the fog, Hughes should clear it.

The video of the reported tallies at the convention has been released. I have vetted it fully, and have verified the calculations. I have linked to a Google Doc with them: https://docs.google.com/file/d… In review of my previous post, I initially thought I may have been too strong in my thoughts about the convention. I was wrong. I missed one very…

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Expanded Thoughts on my first GOP Convention.

(Here’s a first time attendee’s thought on the convention. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) The 2014 MAGOP convention was an instructive experience for me.  It was the first convention I ever attended, and I’ll spare no details on some of the things I observed. I’ll start with the good, because unfortunately there was a lot that could have…

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Making the MassGOP Relevant

Watching the Valley Patriot debate it was evident that the two key candidates in the race had clearly different styles and approaches. Kirsten Hughes’ background as a trained lawyer, MassGOP staffer, campaign leader and city council woman are solid credentials to take a leadership role in a campaign. Just the way she did during Scott Brown’s losing campaign for Senator.…

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A Request For The Next GOP State Committee Chairperson

Soon, a new leader for the Republican Party will be chosen by our elected State Committee Members. I would first like to congratulate those individuals who have thrown their names into consideration. Now… I know my words carry about as much weight as the air in which they are spoken, but at this critical time, I still feel compelled to…

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Facebook feud fuels Republican rift in race for Congress

By Chris Camire, ccamire@lowellsun.com

Updated:   08/16/2012 07:35:37 AM EDT A simmering battle in the 3rd Congressional District race boiled over at a Republican debate Monday night, but it involved neither candidate running for office. The flare-up between a supporter of Jon Golnik and a Tom Weaver campaign staffer occurred in front of Lowell High School shortly before the 7…

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