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Core Competencies First, Please

MAGOP Chair Nassour has barely issued her announcement that she would be stepping down in October to prepare for the birth of her third child, congratulations!, and to provide time for the incoming interim chair to get ready for the all important 2012 elections when the names began flying.  Here we have a Blute, there we have a Polito and…

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What the next GOP chair should be reading: NewMassPlaybook.com

The next GOP chair should be reading NewMassPlaybook.com. to restore faith with the grassroots.

   NewMassPlaybook.com believes that the role of the Mass GOP should be to support all GOP candidates that meet the corresponding Support & Qualification Criteria.  Further, this support is only meant to “supplement” a candidate and campaign.      The Mass. GOP needs a new playbook.…

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My 2¢ on the MassGOP Chairman’s Race

(I’m still a supporter of Jenn, but this is a well written piece in support of her opponent.  Note to others, see how well you can make your case without resorting to calling the Chairman a Mattel toy.   – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Can you imagine if the CEO of a major corporation or even Terry Francona…

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