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BHI Weekly Dispatch: Forbes cites BHI study; Coming up! Conference on Trade between Canada and NE

Writing in Forbes this week, an old friend Merrill Matthews of the Texas-based Institute for Policy Innovation took note of our recent study on RomneyCare.
Defenders of the plan predicted that comprehensive reform would lower health care spending-just as they did when promoting ObamaCare.  And yet the Boston-based Beacon Hill Institute points out in “The High Price of Massachusetts Health

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BHI Weekly Dispatch: Responding to Climate Progress; September confab on New England-Canada Trade

On Think Progress’s tendentious Climate Progress blog, Michael Conathan claims that Beacon Hill Institute’s recent cost-benefit analyses of offshore wind energy in New Jersey are slanted. Conathan alleges that the BHI study “misses the mark on both sides of the ledger by dramatically overstating the costs and underestimating the economic benefits of offshore wind.” It is actually Mr. Conathan that…

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