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First Three Pay Raise Ads Launch

The Massachusetts House of Representatives came back after their summer recess yesterday, to override gubernatorial vetoes and add more spending to an already bloated state budget. They added $275 Million dollars to the bottom line, placing our state budget further out of balance. You’ll recall back in January one of the first actions of the legislature was to give themselves…

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Prioritizing the Budget During the Great Recession

As most citizens are currently aware, due to the fiscal crisis, the Massachusetts Legislature is forced to take the hedge clippers to the severely overinflated state budget. However, in their haste to try to make everyone happy, they’re missing the mark with their cuts, which include budget reductions in higher education, Local Aid, and social services. At the same time,…

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Legislature is getting a 5.5% pay raise

(The legislature skipped the income tax rollback in 2009.  They raised their own pay and cut ours. – promoted by DD4RP) We were told we could not afford Question One.

The governor is making major cuts to state government. Local aid may be slashed 10%. Tolls may be raised to $7. But, you know what the state can still afford…

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