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Corporate Wrongdoing: political hypocrisy 101

Some corporations: -steal from those whose interests they claim to protect

-steal from federal grants, giving it to the founder’s brother

-file shell companies and corporations in order to avoid US laws, regulations and oversight

-pursue profits at the expense of human dignity and self worth

-defraud and bilk fellow corporations out of millions of dollars

-claim to help but…

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Clinton Library Donors: Cash for Pardons, Arab Governments

Arab Governments.

Cash for Pardons.

Humanitarian Scams.

Bailout Wannabes.
Clinton donors list released By Andrew Zajac and Dan Morain WASHINGTON – Hoping to allay conflict-of-interest concerns as his wife prepares to become secretary of state, former President Bill Clinton has released a donor list that showed he had raised as much as $131 million from foreign governments – including Saudia…

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