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BMG crowd “horrified” by long over due Law Enforcement today

Cadillac Deval decided and mandated that our own law enforcement officials ( State Police)had “more important” things to do ( drive his limo to D.C, etc) Sooooo now when the FEDERAL agencies finally  and actually did step in ( with Cadillac’s full knowledge and compliance)and  at last ENFORCE THE LAWS regarding United States Citizenship….the “pony tailed’ , knitting, trustfunded, “together…

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Cry Me A River…………..

Has anybody been over to visit our leftie friends at Blue Mass Group lateley.  It’s a whine fest.  Particularly this  thread.  The lefties/progressives/liberals whatever they want to be called today, are actually blaming John Keller  and the media for Patrick’s problems.  My favorite is by raj: I’ve pretty much stopped paying
attention to the opinion-related bloviations of Jon Keller,…

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