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Praising Mediocrity

The Governor’s email, picked up by most media outlets boasts that “Fitch Ratings, Moody’s Investor Services and Standard & Poor’s all affirmed the Commonwealth’s ‘AA’ ratings with a stable outlook.” Great news, right?  Well, it’s certainly not bad news.  But, deserving of the Deval fan club swoon?   Good news compared to what? Consider this, from Fitch: When the…

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Right-roots keeps pace with “net-roots” in the “Battle of Joe Wilson” on-line fundraising war

With Act-Blue the net-roots (progressive blog community) has been able to raise vast sums of money for their progressive candidates on-line. Save the Ron Paul movement, the right has up to now not been able to keep pace.  A funny thing has happened since Joe Wilson told Barack Obama, “you lied”.  Right-roots and Net-roots fundraising is neck and neck.  …

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RMG -vs- BMG

( – promoted by DD4RP) Blue Mass Group has some major advantages over us.  Currently, the left does a better job in the blogosphere nationally than the right.  Massachusetts is arguably the most liberal state in the nation.  Democrats have roughly a 3:1 registration here.  That advantage is even bigger in government.  Blue Mass Group started much earlier and we…

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