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Well, I got my little alter and candles all set up by the teevee, a little host and wine, and I’m ready for my spiritual awakening… Twelve minutes in, and he hasn’t explained how he’s going to do one single thing. EEK! Coupe Deval: “He’s a problem solver who thinks big”

Any examples of big thinkin’ solved problems, Guv? “I’m…

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Heritage Foundation orders Obama to stop lying about their support

A letter sent to the Obama campaign ordering Obama to stop misrepresenting their support in the campaign.   Dear Senator Obama: Two recent campaign advertisements seriously misrepresent the views of my client, The Heritage Foundation. They suggest, quite falsely, that The Heritage Foundation and one of its analysts support your tax plan. The print ad on your Website link:- ed.

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I thought it was $250,000?

(Barack Obama lies through his teeth!!! – promoted by EaBo Clipper) Update(EaBo): New York Post picks up on the story. Gaffe-prone Joe Biden put his foot in his mouth again yesterday, mistakenly excluding millions of Americans from his running mate’s tax-cut proposal. The Delaware senator’s latest blunder came while discussing Republican tax policies during a television interview in his hometown…

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Fred Thompson’s Straight Talk On An Obama Presidency

A compelling message well worth watching for the entire 12 minutes.  The stark realities Thompson lays out should make everyone realize that no matter how well our nation has weathered troubling times in the past, the election of Obama combined with a far left Democrat controlled Congress could cast a dark cloud over the future of our nation for several…

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Jeff Beatty scrounges up enough money to release second solid ad; US Senate Poll

Jeff Beatty, long shot candidate against Liveshot (GET IT!?) released a new ad today. PolitickerMA.com said, “The Beatty campaign, which reported having only $58,448 in their campaign war chest, declined to comment on who produced the ad, how large the ad buy is, and where it is running.” PolitickerMA.com reported that the most recent Suffolk University Poll shows that Beatty…

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Vote No On 1 Union Cabal releases new ad that frightens old people

The government employee unions propping up the Vote No on 1 cabal have finally produced a decent television ad that doesn’t feature evaporating firefighters, disappearing cops, or vanishing teachers. This ad, called Struggle, is designed to scare the shit out of Grandma & Grandpa with rising bar graphs that say HIGHER! PROPERTY! TAXES! It features the same stock video of…

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