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Census Kid Came

He was a 20 something and he appeared nervous.  I was wondering how many people were giving him a  hard time.  I told him how many people lived here.  He did not press for an answer. I don’t answer race questions anymore. This is after all post America.  I can say that, right, being an “American” and all that.…

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Let’s count EVERYONE and avoid losing a seat!

Together we can avoid losing a seat. There are several under counted constituencies, seriously [and this list is not exhaustive] 1.  Children in foster care 2.  Cognitively limited adults in group homes run by DDS 3.  Mentally ill residents who reside in group homes, institutions, or homeless on the street 4.  Other homeless residents who are either living on coaches,…

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2010 Census Update w/ poll (MA Congressional Redistricting)

“We did five different scenarios projecting the population forward, and in each of those five scenarios, Massachusetts would lose a seat,” said Kimball Brace of Election Data Services, a political consulting firm in Washington. Demographic trends are “not a good sign from a Massachusetts standpoint. You’ve got a long way to go to keep the seat.” The commonwealth of Massachusetts…

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The Disgraceful Attacks On Our Constitution Continue

  For a "Professor of Constitutional Law", President Obama seems fairly comfortable ignoring the provisions of the Constitution in order to further his agenda.  It began subtly as he has attempted to unconstitutionally sieze control of the census.  Controlling the census could give the White House control of how the numbers are "compiled", and potentially give them control of…

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Census: Obama Ready to Cook the Books


“From the first days of the transition the census has been a priority for the president, and a process he wanted to reevaluate.” – White House Spokesman
Main Entry: cen·sus

Pronunciation: ˈsen(t)-s?s\

Function: noun

Etymology: Latin, from cens?re

Date: 1634 1: a count of the population and a property evaluation in early Rome

2: a usually complete enumeration…

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