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Guess Who’s Running for US Senate? (Hint: MA-5, Added Vine. . . )

This just in, posted on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/frank.addivinola Frank Addivinola, born in Malden, working in Boston, is running for US Senate against Ed “Where do I live? Somewhere Maryland” Markey. I was a big supporter of his run for Markey's Congressional seat in the Malden/Medford region last December. http://www.golocalworcester.com/politics/arthur-schaper-gimme-five-addivinola/ Now, he can run against Markey himself. Addivinola has some (no, many!)…

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Donate to Red Mass Group!

It’s not too late. We all have things in our lives we take for granted and don’t really appreciate till they are gone. Let me offer a few examples …. Ronald Reagan

96.9 FM Talk Radio


Woolworth’s Department stores

Frank Sinatra

Impartial Newspapers

Roller skating rings

Drive in theaters

Julia Childs

First love If you care about Red Mass…

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Five Million Pageviews!!!

Sometime early this morning Red Mass Group passed a major milestone.  We began this journey in the winter of 2007 after a loss by Kerry Healey after sixteen years of Republican Governors.  The site was started, by our good friend Patrick, as a place for conservatives, and lurkers, to gather, get news, share ideas and activate.   The milestone we…

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MA Job Creation – “Human Capital” ain’t what it used to be

First, if you aren’t tracking the excellent back-and-forth that Rob Eno is having at Red Mass Group (and elsewhere) with Patrick Administration Secretary of Economic Development Greg Bialecki about the validity (not) of the Administration’s job-creation (not) figures, check it out. It was fascinating even before the release last week of this statistic-and-chart-filled report by Mass Inc., sub-titled “Meeting…

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RMG Sold to Blue Mass Group

(The check bounced. We’ve taken back control. 😉 – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Please join me in welcoming our new Progressive Overlords.  In a move that is somewhat bittersweet, I have decided to sell Red Mass Group to Blue Mass Group.  They seem to have more time to keep the site up to date. David, Bob, and Charley…

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