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Margery In The Morning?

Now that Don Imus’ show is no longer, who will replace him on Boston affiliate WTKK-FM? I can easily see a scenario in which WTKK management decides to replace Imus with veteran Boston Herald columnist Margery Eagan, who has co-hosted a program with liberal activist Jim Braude on the station since September 1999. Splitting up the Eagan/Braude tandem will disappoint…

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Life After Death

( – promoted by Patrick) As the tagline for the movie “Notes on a Scandal” indicates, one person’s mistake is another person’s opportunity–and the mistake Boston talk station WRKO-AM is making by turning to the left is a perfect opportunity for another local talk station to step up to the plate and increase its influence. Since late-2003, WTTT (1150 AM)…

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