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Citzens Should Use Open Meeting Law

Benjamin Franklin is credited with once stating, “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.” Though not initially perceived by many, the general public has always been the main watchdog of governmental action, activities and decision-making at all levels. It is the use of important civic mechanisms like the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law that helps keep state,…

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A Mayoral Directive and Boston City Council Order for routine transmittal of city public documents.

History is what you think of when you think of the city of Boston. Yet the history of city hall departments needs to be made more accessible to those of us with strong interests in municipal governmental history. Routinely public access is deflected or blocked for public meetings and to public records regardless of what officials claim about transparency. A…

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Three Ballot Initiative Amendments for 2010

(Keith’s obsession with anagrams aside, all three have merit. – promoted by Cool Cal) Based on feedback from my previous thread on 2010 referenda, I’ve drawn up draft ballot amendments: Citizen-Lead Ethics Amendment Neutralizing Uncompetitive Polities (CLEAN-UP): Independent Redistricting Commission. Citizen-Lead Ethics Amendment Neutralizing Entrenched Machines (CLEAN-EM): Rolling Term Limits. Citizen-Lead Ethics Amendment Neutralizing Obscure and Unintelligible Turpitude (CLEAN-OUT): Public…

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