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Why DO they run for office, anyway?

1.  I need a job (not true for Smulowitz, who was already employed as a physician- or Richard Ross, who has a solid funeral home business); some say that was true of Harry Truman; if so, he was not alone. 2.  A passion for governance, and desire to make a difference. 3.  Family tradition; some families seem to field one…

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John Edwards is a scumbag


Enquirer: John Edwards Engaged to Rielle HunterUpdated: 2 hours 3 minutes ago

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David Knowles


(Feb. 10) — According to the National Enquirer, former Sen. John Edwards has proposed to Rielle Hunter, with whom he recently admitted fathering a child. Citing anonymous sources, the paper claims that Edwards asked Hunter to marry him on…

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The Horror: Convention Notes

If you are going to play a cheesy, terrifically overplayed song, play tbe best version available. Notice that the strains of “Sweet Caroline: The Muzak Version” used to introduce Caroline Kennedy managed to eliminate the punchy “so good, so good” riff. “Cringeworthy” is too kind for that schtick. Teddy looked infinitely better than we had any right to expect. While…

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ABC News: John Edwards admits to having affair

( – promoted by Cool Cal) The mainstream media which lunged to report the National Enquirer breaking news on Idaho Republican senator Larry Craig and his illegal footsies with a dude, refused to ink more than a drop to report on the alleged affair between John (married to a cancer patient) Edwards and his mistress. Well now they must report…

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The John Edwards Follies Redux

As one writer explains , there really isn’t much gloating room anywhere on this one. We REALLY need to start cleaning up our own extremely messy, stables ratherthan casting brickbats at the liberals. Remember when being a Republican meant something–something beyond some superficial differences with Democrats over taxation (because Jon Voight is clearly a paranoid nutbag–with friends like him,…..) or…

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Ex- Senator John Edwards busted with mistress and love child

The former vice presidential candidate and rumored to be the next Democratic VP candidate John Edwards had been under surveillance by the National Enquirer and they claim he slept in a Beverly Hills hotel last night 7/21/08 with his mistress Rielle Hunter while his wife Elizabeth was at home (still receiving treatments for cancer). Looks like it may be Nunn…

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