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The “Umble” Glibness Of Gruber The Glib

Watching key Obamacare architect & MIT academic slimeball Jonathan Gruber testify at this week’s House Oversight & Government Reform Committee hearing in Washington (DC), I couldn’t help but be reminded of Uriah Heep, the disgustingly obsequious fictional toady created by English writer Charles Dickens for his novel DAVID COPPERFIELD. Gruber spent a good amount of time groveling before tough

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ObamaCare Day 63 with the Boston Tea Party

The Greater Boston Tea Party will host

Joshua Archambault of the Pioneer Institute at

Lir Restaurant

903 Boylston Street Boston

At 8:00 PM

Monday December 2 Mr. Archambault will speak on

“The fate of young and old under ObamaCare. Is it even about health care?” This comes at a great time, soon after the Obama administration will have bungled…

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THE SOUTH BOSTON DEMOCRAT VOTED AGAINST REPEALING THIS TAX ON THE MIDDLE CLASS Boston, MA– Republican candidate for Congress in Massachusetts 8th District Joe Selvaggi reacted to the U.S. Supreme Court decision ruling that the Obamacare individual mandate is a tax: “Now we know that Obamacare is the biggest middle class tax increase in the history of our nation,” stated…

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WSJ Op-Ed Writer Describes “Romneycare” As “Dysfunctional”

Whatever fantasies former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney entertains about becoming our next US President are threatened by the state’s universal healthcare law (“Romneycare”) he helped to create. Actually, it’s now become a tar baby – if not a Frankenstein monster – to the Mittmeister’s presidential ambitions with every new revelation that damns his signature achievement. In an Op-Ed published in

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Romneycare’s Moment Of Truth

National Review’s Avik Roy today (6-11-10) commented on “the explosive internal e-mails” obtained by the Associated Press (AP) from Robert Dynan, Deputy Commission for Financial Analysis at the Massachusetts Division of Insurance. Upon learning “that state insurance commissioner Joseph Murphy was imposing price controls on Massachusetts health insurers,” wrote Roy, one of Dynan’s  e-mails opined that “Murphy’s action ‘has the…

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