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Poll: Is Social Conservatism the Answer

Last Tuesday night we all experienced election results that were disappointing and unexpected.  The search for reasons and how to best prepare for 2011 and 2012 has begun as reflected in the majority of the posts on RMG during the last week.  Posts pointing out what went right, what went wrong, and outright calling for people to resign at all…

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Bitching & Moaning As Political Street Theatre

The 2010 Massachusetts Republican State Convention held at the DCU Center in Worcester this past weekend went out not with a bang but with a whimper – notably from elements claiming to represent the social conservative wing of the GOP. A blue 4″ X 6″ card created by (what else?) an anonymous fringe group was passed around the convention exhorting…

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Gingrich’s Focus

Let me start by saying I have always listened to what Newt Gingrich has to say. I have not always agreed with him, and his past personal history is cloudy at best, but he has always been a font of ideas in a sometimes barren political landscape. Just this past summer I proudly signed the petition to “Drill Here, Drill…

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