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Boston Herald Endorses Mitt Romney for President

I’m pleased to report that the Boston Herald has endorsed our former governor, Mitt Romney, for President of the United States in the upcoming November 2012 election! I was a bit young in 1994 but I was an enthusiastic supporter for governor in 2002.  In 2008, I served upon Romney’s Massachusetts Steering Committee.  In 2011, I trekked up to New…

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Libertarian newspaper chain files for bankruptcy

(As the resident libertarian at RMG I feel it is appropriate to front page this. For more on the history of the OCR you should read Radicals For Capitalism.   – promoted by Garrett) It’s one thing to gloat about the Boston Globe; it’s another to find out that the business is bad for everyone. The company that owns the…

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Why have we lost another newspaper—a different angle

Editors Note: I am serious about fair use. Don’t cut and paste. If people want to read the whole article, please visit the San Fransisco Examiner’s website by the link provided. – Rob Apologies for the “cut and paste” but if I hacked this article up, it would lose its significance. Death of the Rocky Mountain News: a literary tragedy…

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