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Dick Morris Leaves Mihos Campaign

(Beginning of the end for Mihos?   – promoted by Garrett Quinn) I’m rather surprised at the departure of Dick Morris, especially considering how Christy virtually made Dick the corner stone of his campaign – or so it seemed with the heavy promotion where often times Morris received bigger billing than Christy. Christy claims that he hopes to bring Dick…

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Has Christy Live gone dead again?? And – only $2,000 in the bank ?!?! How will he pay Regan?

Has ‘Christy Live,’ been cancelled for poor ratings?  The web cast which we were told by mihosreds (my new name for the legion of Mihos volunteers who monitor this page) was here to stay, hasn’t appeared in a long time.  Simple question before you attack me personally – is the program going to appear again any time soon? Also, here’s…

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Mihos shows a new sense of calm.

I’m very glad to see that Christy has come out for Scott Brown.  It’s great to see the ability of a very rich and successful person to rise above petty differences and do the right thing.  We’ve heard so much about Christy’s temperament, and this move proves that maybe he really is able to work with people and look at…

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Mr. Mihos requires some quality control.

I hope you will forgive the correction – as I offer it with respect – but as a former school teacher I do believe that candidates should set an example.  This fundraising letter, printed below, is for a Mr. Mihos event this week and was not indicative of a professional campaign.  The spelling mistakes are simply not appropriate.  Why would…

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$10,000,000 Man? Republican Christy Mihos Pledges to Spend up to $10M to Win MA US Senate Vacancy

In what together is the best news Charlie Baker has heard all week and perhaps the worst that Scott Brown has, Christy Mihos seems to be most definitely in the race to replace Senator Ted Kennedy. Mihos’ spokesman Kevin Sowydra has confirmed to the media that Christy is going to run.  Not only is Christy going to run, he’s running

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Dick Morris to head Christy Mihos’ gov campaign

According to the Boston Herald Dick Morris has been hired to head Christy Mihos’ gubernatorial campaign in 2010.  Mihos first announced his intention to run back in April. In February, South Shore Republican did his candidate profile for Christy Mihos. There is still some bad blood between Christy and some Massachusetts Republicans.  Prominent independent conservative candidates in blue states…

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Clinton Library Donors: Cash for Pardons, Arab Governments

Arab Governments.

Cash for Pardons.

Humanitarian Scams.

Bailout Wannabes.
Clinton donors list released By Andrew Zajac and Dan Morain WASHINGTON – Hoping to allay conflict-of-interest concerns as his wife prepares to become secretary of state, former President Bill Clinton has released a donor list that showed he had raised as much as $131 million from foreign governments – including Saudia…

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