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Did Cape Wind Pay Off NECN for Positive News Coverage?!?!?! Can That Be True?!?!?!

Nope, not true. But imagine you’re listening to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity on the radio.  They do a segment and then go to commercial.  When they go to commercial, you know you’re listening to paid advertisements.  All good.  But then they come back from commercial and begin the next segment.  However, unbeknownst to you, you’re still

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Charley Manning’s Competition

Congratulations to veteran political consultant Charley Manning, who’s been selected to replace Rush Limbaugh on WRKO-AM in Boston. Manning is a quick wit, a sharp observer and someone who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. With the strong local lineup of Manning, Tom Finneran, Todd Feinburg, Howie Carr and weekend hosts Avi Nelson and Kevin Whalen, WRKO should remain in good health…

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Rush Limbaugh on the Jay Leno Show

I may be one of a few, but I am really enjoying the new Jay Leno Show. He is unencumbered with trying to live up to what the “Tonight Show” should be, and has more free formed interviews, longer and with more substance.  On Thursday night Rush Limbaugh was on. It was a good ten minutes of television.  Here it…

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