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Ogonowski for Senate Releases FEC Report

Jim Ogonowski’s report is now available at http://query.nictusa.com/cgi-b… Hopefully, an electronic report is coming soon, but I did notice Paul Avella’s name on the list at first glance. It would be interesting to see how many prominent Republican activists, candidates, and office holders, donated to Ogonowski compared to Beatty. Also, it is noteworthy that Ogonowski’s treasurer and presumably his chief…

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MassGOP Federal Fundraising Reports Open Thread

(Beatty and Ogonowski’s reports probably will not be on-line until Friday.  With the Senate races you file by snail mail with the secretary of the senate’s office.  They then forward to the FEC which scans the documents and makes them available as PDFs. They just have to be postmarked today. – promoted by EaBo Clipper) Well, tomorrow’s the big day.…

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MA-05: Ogonowski Third in Q2 Fundraising

Jim Ogonowski has beat three of the five Democrats in fundraising for the second quarter of 2007.  This is an amazing development.  Ogonowski started this race with NO fundraising organization in place and still has yet to fill the position of finance director and yet raised more money than two incumbent state representatives and a sitting City Councillor, all of…

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