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Ballot vote totals yield intersting results.

The Massachusetts Secretary of State has published the return of votes for the November 2010 election. http://www.sec.state.ma.us/ele… Starting on page 58, they have listed the vote totals by county for the ballot questions. Question 1 passed in Worcester, Barnstable, Bristol, Essex, Norfolk and Plymouth counties by wide margins, but lost in Middlesex, Berkshire, Dukes, Franklin, Hampshire, and Suffolk. Question 3…

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Question 3 to create 27,199 jobs

The Question 3 sales tax cut to 3% would create 27,199 jobs according to the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University.  The cost in lost taxes would be $2.08B, not the $2.5B opponents claim. The BHI director said “Much of the discussion of Question 3 is based on a diet of fear, highlighting only the loss of state revenue and…

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Carla Howell You Picked the Wrong Target Rate

Carla Howell, I am afraid that you may have done yourself and the taxpayers of MA a disservice with your proposal to reduce the sales tax to 3% from 6.25% rather than a more modest proposal to return the sales tax to its pre-recent hike of 5%. Based on anectdotal feedback and the just released Suffolk University / Channel 7…

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