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Gomez, Sullivan and Winslow, from a gaggle RINOs’ do we have RINOs’?

First, clarify some definitions, Conservatism. The modern definition of Conservative policy dates back to Goldwater anti “me too-ism” and a bold contrast between left and right. Those Republicans afflicted with “me too-ism” are called RINO. Accordingly, I did not see this bold contrast in any of the candidates, granted there was some but not the bold contrast Goldwater described. Therefore…

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Tone Deaf Populism

Attempting to get his mojo back after Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts, President Obama is testing his populist chops: “We want our money back,” Barack Obama has told US banks, announcing a levy on large financial institutions to help repay the notorious bailout he imposed last year.” Some backround: “The Treasury estimated net losses on its $700 billion bailout program…

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The Perils of ‘Populist Chic’

What the rise of Sarah Palin and populism means for the conservative intellectual tradition.


The Wall Street Journal – NOVEMBER 8, 2008 Finita la commedia. Many things ended on Tuesday evening when Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States, and depending on how you voted you are either celebrating or mourning this weekend.…

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In the wilderness, pining for Lou Dobbs?

( – promoted by Patrick) In his latest dispatch, the estimable Steve Stark recalls some worthwhile political history. Whatever happens on November 4, the GOP will have to re-evaluate how it can appeal to the working class beyond social issues such as abortion and family values. This long-tried GOP approach has long infuriated liberal theorists such as Thomas Frank who…

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