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Reports of al-Qaeda’s Imminent Demise may be Greatly Exaggerated

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) America remains in the crosshairs.  http://www.adifferentamerica.com The point of contention amongst analysts is whether al-Qaeda’s current capabilities necessitate greater concern.  In ascertaining the nature of such a risk it is important to understand the changing dynamic of this lethal adversary.  The decentralized structure of today’s al-Qaeda is far different than the…

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Rules of Engagement & Arbitrary Exit Dates Undermine US Efforts in Afghanistan

Rules of Engagement & Arbitrary Exit Dates undermine US efforts in Afghanistan By Keith Lepor MA-9 Given recent developments in Kabul and Washington I wanted to write a few words about the state of Operation Enduring Freedom.  Having spent a year embedding with frontline combat units including troops from the 82nd and 101st Airborne; Third Marines; French Special Forces; British…

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Chris Matthews Jumps The Shark

The cadets at West Point do not represent an ” enemy camp”. I have no doubt they will do their best, some will give their lives to defend our nation. Just because they didn’t seem to have a collective tingle up their legs at the President’s oratory doesn’t mean they will not follow the orders of their Commander and Chief.…

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