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It Makes a Big Difference

What possible reason could the State Department have for not interviewing the highest-ranking American official at the Libyan consulate during the attack? It makes a big difference. Four Americans are dead, including two Navy seals and U.S. Ambassador to Libya, John Stevens. All were murdered in the September 11-12, 2012 attack on our embassy in Benghazi. Senior military officers attempting…

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Hero of Tuzla faints – doesn’t go to hospital, but too sick to testify!

Hillary Blood-and-Guts Clinton, the famed Hero of Tuzla finally called in sick today.  After touring 117 different countries in her post as Secretary of State finally succumbed to a fainting spell and is unable to testify about what she knew in the Benghazi attacks that left 4 Americans dead, including the Ambassador Chris Stevens. She has survived just about everything…

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Keep the Change, Mr. Obama

( – promoted by Cool Cal) (Cross-Posted at BLUEMASS. We can’t fly on just ONE wing!) Our new Commander-in-Chief is wasting no time reneging on his campaign promises to bring change to Washington: Beltway insiders will populate his new cabinet. And what a stellar bunch they are. To discuss a few: · Tom Daschle, the former speaker of the house,…

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This Is Rich

Obama is less than a week away from taking the oath of office and already things are not good.

Right from the git go, Eric Holder the nominee for AG is in serious trouble. It seems that Holder has a propensity to advocate for domestic terrorists and “friends of Bill” ( The Rich pardonning debacle). Great choice. Obama must have…

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