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Not so puzzled by Trump 

Donald Trump barged into the middle of the living room of the conservative movement with the angry grassroots. Depending on one’s point of view, he has become a monumental problem. There are many pieces these days on who created Donald Trump. The ridiculous ones imply that it’s all Obama’s fault. The Democrats’ analysis is even less appealing. Donald Devine,…

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How Conservative Was Jack Kemp?

In light of the coarse and unrefined assault on Rep. Paul Ryan by ankle biters like Howie Carr and Ann Coulter, we can find some solace in an honest assessment of former Rep. Jack Kemp, the happy warrior and mentor to Speaker Ryan. The public square is a bit empty since the passing of Kemp whose ideas transcended race, class,…

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A pitch for a new fusionism between libertarians and ‘Political Christians’

Kevin Vallier over at Bleeding Heart Libertarian outlines an issues framework where two factions can work collaboratively. The list isn’t long but it’s compelling and underscores a substantial change in what’s termed by the mainstream as the “Christian Right.”  Vallier introduces a new term, “political Christiains.” The work on criminal justice reform is but one issue where these philosophically disparate…

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