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Vennochi: MassGOP and Hillary Clinton Share Same “Tragic” View of Abortion

I’ve been saying the MassGOP platform statement on Abortion is pretty non-controversial. Calling abortion “tragic” is something most reasonable people can agree on.  Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi agrees. WHAT’S SO extreme about using the word “tragic” to describe abortion? Hillary Clinton did it in 2005. As she prepared a run for president, Clinton, then a senator from New York,…

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Joan Vennochi is right!! (cross posted at the “popular kid’s blog”)

Joan Vennochi’s op-ed in today’s Globe is an accurate assessment of the Aloisi/Patrick/Walsh disaster that Governor Patrick has created for himself. Ms. Vennochi is not Jeff Jacoby from a philosophical point of view. She is, in fact, left of center from my perspective. See aptly has made the point that the Governor’s political insticts are non existent and the left…

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Angry at Beacon Hill? Vote Republican

By Joan Vennochi

Globe Columnist / October 12, 2008 MASSACHUSETTS voters could send a message to liberal Democrats on Beacon Hill by voting to rescind the state income tax. Or they could just stop sending liberal Democrats to Beacon Hill. “If you really want to send a message . . . send more Republicans,” said state Representative George Peterson, a…

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