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“War on the Weak” What has become of liberalism?

The original philosophy of Liberalism has taken a way side, as I experience the postings as several liberals here on Red Mass Group. Most politics are not about the complementary nature of conservatism and liberalism, as we balance one’s personal responsibility to one’s freedoms, rather simple personal attacks with little interest on the meaning and ideas behind such concepts.  Sometimes…

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Matt Kinnaman’s Latest: “The Takings Coalition”

http://massroots.blogspot.com/… The ‘takings coalition’

By Matt Kinnaman


Thursday, July 3 Contemporary American liberalism, despite its patina of peace, love, and joy, embodies the politics of envy. It stakes a claim to the property of others. It builds bureaucracies, devises redistributionist schemes, and reinforces hierarchies to enforce egalitarian outcomes. Grover Norquist, author and small government pioneer, points to liberalism’s love…

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