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Why I support Gabriel Gomez.

From my perspective, the most impressive thing about Mr. Gomez’ campaign has concerned his debate performances – in which he stood toe-to-toe with one of the most veteran Congressmen in office, and more than held his own.  I am keenly aware that that kind of thing is much harder than it looks; Gabriel demonstrated the poise, perspective and understanding that…

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Michael Sullivan Endorsed by MARA members, many Sheriffs

The Springfield Republican brings the news: Former U.S. Attorney and GOP Senate hopeful Michael Sullivan’s campaign announced Wednesday that a three Bay State sheriffs and two members of the conservative Massachusetts Republican Assembly have endorsed his candidacy. On the law enforcement side, Plymouth County Sheriff Joe McDonald, Essex County Sheriff Frank Cousins and Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson all…

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Endorsements – why

Can someone tell me honestly why I should care who endorses a candidate or not.  It seems people put alot of stock in who is endorsing who…. but does it really matter. I have never voted for someone based on who endorsed them or who had the most/least endorsements.   I try to be an informed voter, so what purpose…

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Dan Winslow Should Withdraw and Endorse Michael Sullivan to Prevent Gabriel Gomez

Dan Winslow has gone up with a website at gomezletterDOTcom to give attention to Gabriel Gomez’s letter to Governor Cadillac Deval Patrick begging for the Senate appointment after John Kerry resigned. As we all know, Gabriel Gomez said that he “supported President Obama” and that he “supports the positions of President Obama.” Is that what we’re working for? This week’s…

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For Immediate Release:

April 10, 2013


Alicia Preston | ap@theprestongroup.org | 603-892-3215

Or Kaitlyn Smith | ksmith@mikesullivanforsenate.com SENATOR ROBERT HEDLUND ENDORSES MIKE SULLIVAN

(Abington, MA)- U.S. Senate Candidate Mike Sullivan announced today the endorsement of State Senator Robert Hedlund.  Senator Hedlund is currently in his eleventh term representing the Plymouth and Norfolk District. “Having known Mike Sullivan for over…

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Jim Lyons Endorses Mike Sullivan

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) (Abington, MA)- U.S. Senate Candidate Mike Sullivan announced today the endorsement of State Representative Jim Lyons.  Representative Lyons is currently in his second term representing the Eighteenth Essex District “I am proud to endorse Mike Sullivan for the U.S. Senate.  Mike understands the lessons we learned from President Ronald Reagan. Mike recognizes…

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Current Endorsements for MassGOP Chair

(12 hours left – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Rick Green-36

Kirsten Hughes -35 Only 9 State Committee members have yet to publically endorse a candidate, they are: Brian Burke, Middlesex and Worcester

Janet Fogarty, Plymouth and Norfolk

Jeanie Kangas, Middlesex and Worcester

John McCarthy, Second Essex

Gerald Nye, Plymouth and Barnstable

Kimberly Roy, Worcester and Norfolk

Susan Slade,…

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