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The Lowell Sun Highlights Scott Brown Being “Intentionally Ambiguous on the Issues”

RMGers, you tell me. Is the Lowell Sun – not exactly a bastion of liberalism – wrong in pointing out all of the ways that Scott Brown fails to demonstrate conviction? Will the real Scott Brown please stand up? […] There is Brown’s continued vagueness on key issues facing the federal government, especially when it comes to where he stands…

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Lowell Sun Rebukes Tsongas & Endorses Golnik

In a surprise move, the Lowell Sun newspaper’s editorial board today (10-28-10) endorsed Republican challenger Jon Golnik over Democrat incumbent Nicola “Niki” Tsongas to represent the Fifth Congressional District in Washington. Given the history between key people within the paper & the Tsongas family, the endorsement represents a dramatic boost for Golnik’s fortunes and a stunning rebuke of the Congresswoman.…

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