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Gabriel Gomez Racist Hunter Strikes Again

Gabriel Gomez has apparently found a new line of work. It’s to call others racists, without really knowing them or their work.  And he’s at it again. Michael Graham announced that he is leaving his self-built successful radio show in Massachusetts.  A show which he made profitable when everybody in radio told him he couldn’t.  A show that gave him…

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I’m With Michael Graham: Obama supporter Gabriel Gomez Hurts the GOP

Michael Graham, making lots of sense (the killer line is when he points out that Gabriel Gomezs message is basically “I don’t really like Republicans either!”): I knew that Massachusetts Republicans had to lower their ideological expectations if they wanted to win an election here in the Bay State. I just didn’t know that included the Republican primary. Once you…

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A good night in Massachusetts

Yesterday Margery Egan’s column in the Herald – featured with one of that paper’s patented full-front-page splashes – declared “Dem hacks finally get what’s coming.”  Keying off the just-announced criminal indictments of former state Probation head John O’Brien and Tim Cahill’s former chief of staff, Egan marched through a familiar rogues gallery of Massachusetts Democrats who have recently…

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