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Mr. President, Return Goldman’s Dirty Dough

The Senate is about to bring the execs of Goldman Sachs in for a dressing down for reportedly making $3.7 billion by shorting the mortgage market. Today’s hearing will see the usual bloviating from Senators and incriminating e-mails like: “According to Sparks, that business is totally dead, and the poor little subprime borrowers will not last so long!!!” Tourre wrote…

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Obama Wants To Know, “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

And, so do the American people. Here is the roster presented by the video, in brief: Ebbers, Worldcom: 25 years in prison

Ken Lay, Enron: Convicted on 10 counts, died before serving sentence

Jeff Skilling, Enron: 24 years in prison

Andrew Fastow, Enron: 10 years in prison

Dennis Koslowski, Tyco: 8 years in prison

Mark Schwartz, Tyco: 8 years in…

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