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On Rebuilding The Party

Dear Friends, Since late January, I have been privileged to be chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party and to work every day with activists and State Committee members who are devoted to the growth and success of our party.  Together, we share a common goal of strengthening the Massachusetts Republican Party around the core principles of limited government, individual responsibility,…

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MassGOP and Social Issues

( – promoted by Cool Cal) I still haven’t gotten the hang of posting to Yahoo group threads, so I thought I’d pull a recent topic over here. There’s been discussion about Jennifer Nassour’s interview in Bay Windows and what that means about the MassGOP’s support for social issues. I won’t name names unless the participating parties want to raise…

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Bay Windows on Aloisi appointment

This popped up on my Google Reader earlier today. Hmm… Controversy overshadows historic nature of Aloisi appointment

by Ethan Jacobs

staff reporter

Bay Windows – Wednesday Dec 24, 2008 On Dec. 19 Gov. Deval Patrick made an historic appointment, naming James Aloisi, an attorney at Goulston and Storrs, as his secretary of transportation. When Aloisi is sworn in next month…

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FYI: Interesting Bay Windows Article On Recent Vote Taken By The MA Republican State Committee

State GOP Committee votes for motion directing Republican lawmakers to support marriage amendment Laura Kiritsy
lkiritsy@baywindows.com The Mass. Republican State Committee voted May 24 to instruct Party Chairman Peter Torkildsen to send a written request that Republican state legislators vote in favor of an anti-gay marriage amendment. Debate around the vote exposed a divide on the committee on the issue…

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