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Jeff Semon’s Primary Opponent Doubles Down on Dumb

Jeff Semon is a candidate for U.S. Congress in the new MA-5th district his website is www.jeffin2012.com With any election it is critical that voters know what a candidate’s positions are on a myriad of issues. Recently in a video from the Watertown candidate’s forum Frank Addivinola stated unequivocally in regards to entitlement programs that “people currently receiving benefits” will…

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Economic Recovery and Grassroots Power: Caring Across Generations

When you work in elder care, you make a lot of friends. Scott Brown republicans, Warren dems, grizzly old retired radicals… as a care worker you will meet them all, bathe them all, and learn something unbelievable from almost everybody. Providing good care is difficult, and receiving care can be no less challenging. There’s an exquisite trans-political sense of collaboration…

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A Social Security Plan That Works

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) During last night’s Republican Presidential debate the candidates were asked about their Social Security plans. Mine stands alone in creating sustainability and enables you to keep your money.

• By choosing (100% optional) not to receive benefits – workers would continue to pay in as they currently do – on a year…

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The Four Freedoms, the debt ceiling, and Abraham Maslow

The Four Freedoms that FDR championed are now on the chopping block.  There was a time when I would have thought an attack on the basics of Democracy itself would be unacceptable to both Democrats AND Republicans. I grew up in a household where my parents HEARD that speech.   They taught my brother and sister and I to honor…

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Concerned about Bielat

I watched Barney Frank’s and Sean Bielat’s debate the other night and was sorely disappointed. Frank seems to be his regular cheeky self, but Bielat was dodging the hard questions left, right and center. How is it that he feels qualified to run for congress but could not answer simple questions about Question #2? He does not seem to know…

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Going After Dems Hard

Its clear what Democrats will use to campaign on this Fall. With a record of four years of failure, and having to defend policies that they KNEW were unpopular with the electorate, they plan to run on the demonization of the other republicans and running against Bush. The G.O.P. strategy should be this: On the subject of Bush, lets set…

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