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Style Changes At NPR & Globe

This week National Public Radio announced formal changes to how it will identify the eternal participants in the battle over abortion in America. They will no longer be called “pro-life” and “pro-choice” instead they will be called “abortion rights supporters” and “abortion rights opponents”. This will likely upset some abortion opponents because the term “pro-life” insinuates that your opponents are…

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The Emily Rooney Show

I’ll be on the Emily Rooney Show from 12-1pm today with David Kravitz of Blue Mass Group. We’re talking about the vote on ObamaCare and how the both sides are framing the outcome. You can listen here in pretty much every format known to man. If you can’t tune in live a podcast/recording/archive/whatever will be available after the show.  …

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McCain Goes Socialist

Too funny.  The guy who accuses Obama of being socialist told a FL crowd Monday that not only would he keep taxes down, “we’re gonna take more of those revenues and share them with the state of Florida!”.  Sounds downright redistributionist, don’t it?  Just heard him say it on NPR, lol!  Audio here, IF YOU DARE!…

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